AirBedz Pro 3

The "Original" Truck Air Bed, Airbedz are designed for outdoor camping and recreational use. Our mattresses are made to withstand the rugged environments and perform with spectacular fashion all through the night. We have an air bed for every occasion, from camping to going to the drive in, even for when your wife makes you sleep on the couch (AirBedz has got you covered! Check out our wheel well inserts).

Our latest trim of AirBedz is the "AirBedz Pro 3", This one fits somewhere in between the Original mattress and our "Lite" mattress (not literally). The "Pro 3" is made out of a durable fabric which is soft yet strong and feels much smoother than our original mattress (NO rug burn!!!). From outdoor enthusiasts to festival hipsters the "Pro 3" is exactly what you need to enjoy the outdoors comfortably. 

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