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Customer Testimonials

Bought Airbedz and stuffed it under the seat of my truck and forgot it was there. I went on a day ride to the desert and as I’ve done before I was having too much fun so I didn’t realize how late it was and I decided to just stay the night. I’ve done that before and it is not nice, sleeping in the back of my truck with a sleeping bag or in the cab if it’s too cold. That’s when I remembered my AirBedz. I tossed it in the back of my truck and slept like a baby, needless to say after that night I no longer worry about staying late. 5 Stars— M. Callahan

I went on a ski trip in the back-country camped out in my Truck it was AWESOME it was Very Comfortable in my tent. THANK YOU AGAIN!! 5 Star

5 Stars— J M. – 2006 GMC Canyon

This is the most awesome product! Installed in truck tent and instantly transformed my 2005 CANYON into the talk of the campground! Jim ,Rose and whole crew made this experience one to be not forgotten! GREAT SERVICE and real concern for the end user! ME Thanks Again for an outstanding product!!!

5 Stars— Larry

Perfect can- sized cup holders, durable material and surprisingly super comfy. Love it!

5 Stars— New Summer Staple

My husband and I took a road trip/camping trip and wanted to do it without a tent. We filled the bed up before we left the house, there were some things that got transported top of the of the bed as we drove. We used it for 7 days in a row. The mattress fit perfectly in the bed of the truck. The mattress stayed full of air, we did not wake up on a flat mattress. It did need to be “topped off” about once every two days. It was more comfortable then any air mattress that I have slept on.

5 Stars— Colorado Springs, CO

What I like most is that it fits between the wheel wells and it gives some cushion above them. The pump comes standard with a long extension cord with an adapter for your cigarette lighter, a little awkward but doable. Instructions tell you how to fold it up real nice and be able to fit in the bag it comes with.


This mattress is really comfortable. I’ve slept on a lot of air mattresses over the years and this was great. It fit perfectly in the back of my truck. I have a canopy on in the winter and it was great for camping and not having to worry about rain. The pump just needs a 12V plug and you’re good to go. Fits over the wheel wells and those even get air above them.

4 Stars— Jeff W (SISTERS, OR)

I’m 6′ and 200lbs and this fits my truck perfectly and is very comfortable inside of a truck bed tent.

4 Stars— Leslie K (SAN DIMAS, CA)

We’ve had our first outing with the Sportz/Napier truck bed tent combo and really enjoyed the experience! It was a three night adventure near Hot Springs National Park. The mattress fit our truck bed perfectly. I really liked that it fits above the wheel wells so you get the full width of the bed, which in the case of our ford ranger is important. The. Mattress went up easily, seems very durable, no leaking, just a good nights sleep! A good buy.

5 Stars— Robert L (WASHINGTON, OK)

I knew the Mattress would go over the tailgate a little but I was happy with that since I am 6’5″ and need all the length I can get in my short bed truck. I bought the Inserts to fill in the cut outs for the wheel wells. The mattress works great with the truck bed tent I bought.

5 Stars— dale n (PASADENA, CA)

This was a gift for my 22 year old brother. He loved it! It hasn’t been used yet but he did take it out and said it seems like good quality.

5 Stars— Vanessa P (WINDSOR LOCKS, CT)

Paired with the Napier truck bed tent, the Airbedz mattress gives the user any extremely comfortable sleep. Just used it this weekend at Everglades National Park. Several other campers stopped by to check out the rig and several asked where I got it. I think Autoanything will have some more customers for both the truck bed tent and the Airbedz mattress. I am highly satisfied with my purchase and look forward to using it again soon.

5 Stars— John H (Pembroke Pines, FL)

better than a regular air mattress

5 Stars— Michael W (Limestone, NY)

It is great i used it last weekend in back of my truck and it was fun.

4 Stars— david h (Murrieta, CA)

I purchased this mattress to go along with the Napier Truck Tent. Overall the mattress is a good deal! It does not fill up the entire bed, there’s about a 1 foot space at the cab and tail gate ends. I was disappointed in that, thinking I was getting a mattress for the full 8 foot bed. Filled quickly, and held the air for the 2 nights I used it. I wish the air pump cord was longer. 16 feet is not enough to reach the back of a truck with a long bed. The storage bag is junk, it ripped in half.

4 Stars— kristin b (TRENTON, NJ)