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Nozzles For Portable Electric Air Pump
Photo of Pittman Airbedz Pro Wheel Well Inserts in Tan for PPI 301, 302, 303
“AirBedz Pro3” Inflatable Wheel Well Inserts Fits PPI-301 – PPI-303
Photo of Pittman PPI-PVAC5 Airbedz Lite Wheel Well Inserts
“AirBedz Lite” PPI-PVAC5 Inflatable Wheel Well Inserts Fits PPI-PV202C & PPI-PV203C
Photo of Pittman PPI-AC4 AirBedz DC Automotive Charger Cord
Car Charger Cord for AirBedz battery Pack with 12v DC Input/Output
Photo of Pittman PPI-AC3 portable air pump with three tips
Portable DC Air Pump with 5 foot Power Cord
Photo of Pittman PPI-AC7 showing rechargeable battery for built-in air pump for Airbedz Original PPI-100, 400 and 500 series
Replacement / Additional Battery Pack for AirBedz / Camping Built-in Rechargeable Pump