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Airbedz Patch Repair Kit

Airbedz Patch Repair Kit



These Are FREE! (we charge $5.00 for shipping and handling, don’t worry we send you more than enough) This is for US destinations only. Please call for international shipping pricing.

Apply the Airbedz Patch Repair Kit  to various punctures, holes, and tears on your sleeping mattress before your next camping trip. This kit contains wet adhesives and fabrics that allow for the strongest and most durable repairs available.

An Airbedz is similar to an air mattress, but it is larger so it accommodates more people. When this type of bed is frequently inflated and deflated, leaks can develop and most of these are the result of pinholes. The delicate skin of the air bed is prone to such damage, but this issue is fixable with the right tools. There are several ways to repair an air bed after a puncture, these are generally easy, and something anyone can do on their own.

Seek Out the Puncture Site

Before someone can fix an air bed puncture, they must find it and there are a few methods for this. It is best to use more than one to confirm the puncture site and to see if there is more than one. Since punctures tend to be very small, make sure to use a well-lit space, grab a magnifying glass, and test small areas at a time to quickly spot the problem area.



Signs of Puncture

Look Visually inspect the air bed before filling with air

Inspect the bed after filling with air

Look for areas that look worn or damaged

Put soapy water on a potential puncture and look for bubbling

Feel Inflate the air bed and feel for air blowing out

Feel the bed for compromised areas

Listen Inflate the bed and listen for air coming out

Escaping air has a light whistling sound


Prepare the Air Bed for Repair Clean the area where the repair is necessary by using water, dish soap, and some paper towel. Dish soap helps to remove grime, as well as dust, because it cuts through grease. After washing, make sure the area is completely dry or else the patch may not stick.

Patch Kit Puncture Repair

Air bed repair kits usually have everything necessary to patch up small to moderate holes and tears. All kits differ slightly, but in general they have patches that users cut to size to fit the hole or tear. Make sure that the patch has about one inch around the damaged area for a proper seal.

Kits come with a special adhesive that is used to hold the patch in place. The adhesive goes on the patch and then holds the patch in place until the adhesive is dry. Apply painters tape around the sides of the patch or put something heavy over the patch to ensure a proper seal and to make certain that the edges of the patch  strongly bond to the air bed. Please allow 24 hours for glue to completely dry before re-inflating the air mattress.


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